Çiçekdağı Breakfast Menu

cicekdagi breakfast menu

Naga Putrika’s “Çiçekdağı” breakfast menu offers a wide variety of delicious options to help you start your day off right.

Scrambled eggs are served to your liking, whether plain, with sausage, cheese, or onions. These eggs will surely amaze you with their flavor.

The cheese plate is stacked with select cheeses, including Ezine, smoked Circassian, and İzmir Tulum. This rich variety will surely win the hearts of cheese lovers. The flower honey and clotted cream sprinkled on top create a unique harmony on the palate.

Bazlama is another delicious option that accompanies your breakfast. Fresh and delicious, bazlama is a filling and nutritious choice. Tahini and molasses, when combined, create a flavorful duo that is packed with energy, while cumin offers a spicy and aromatic taste.

Black and green olives are natural and delicious options that enrich your table. The salad greens are a refreshing alternative, full of fresh herbs. Village butter melts on your bread, adding a delicious flavor to your breakfast.

Two types of jam invite you on a sweet journey, while dried fruits offer a vitamin-packed option. And of course, tea, which is essential for Turkish breakfasts! Three cups of tea per person accompany you to complete your breakfast.

Naga Putrika’s “Çiçekdağı” breakfast menu is waiting for you to take your breakfast experience to the next level. If you want to experience this feast of flavors prepared with the finest ingredients, and have a enjoyable breakfast in the unique atmosphere of Kadıköy Moda, Naga Putrika is waiting for you. Bon appetit and enjoy your breakfast!

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