Amanos Breakfast Menu

amanos breakfast menu

Naga Putrika’s Amanos breakfast menu is full of delicious options, all prepared with care. Fried eggs can be enjoyed plain, with cheese, or with sausage, to suit your taste. The cheese platter features a selection of fine cheeses, including Ezine, carra, and dil peyniri. With the addition of flower honey and kaymak, it will tantalize your taste buds with its sweetness and creamy texture.

Biberli ekmek adds a unique flavor to your breakfast with its spicy and crispy taste, while the olive salad brings color and flavor to your table with its rich variety. Salty yogurt stands out as a refreshing and healthy option. Çökelek salatası adds a new dimension to your breakfast with its light and natural flavor, while the zeytinyağlı zahter crowns your table with a regional delicacy.

Black and green olives join together with olive oil to create a feast for the senses, while the green salad offers a refreshing alternative, full of fresh herbs. Köy tereyağı reaches its peak of flavor when paired with bread, while two types of jam and dried fruit provide a sweet serenade.

And of course, tea, the essential part of Turkish breakfasts! With three cups of tea per person, you can fully enjoy your breakfast.

Naga Putrika’s “Amanos” breakfast menu is the perfect choice for breakfast lovers looking for richness and flavor. If you want to make a great start to your day in the charming atmosphere of Moda, we invite you to Naga Putrika. Enjoy your meal and have a pleasant breakfast!

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