Meet Naga Putrika, a unique establishment that was inspired by the fertile banks of the Ganges River. This one-of-a-kind spot is opening its doors wide to offer you a delicious breakfast experience.

The story of Naga Putrika, which was brought to life by taking inspiration from the bountiful products of women farmers on the banks of the Ganges River, invites you on a journey filled with tradition and naturalness. We are inspired by this bounty to bring you the high-quality and clean productions of carefully selected producers. We bring healthy flavors to your table without compromising on quality, while preserving traditional production methods.

Naga Putrika’s menu is a culinary journey through seven unique and regional flavors. Each dish is carefully prepared to take your taste buds to new heights. We combine the simplicity and richness of breakfast in one place, to give you a great start to your day. With a variety of jams made from fresh vegetables, local cheeses, and omelets filled with unique flavors, we elevate your breakfast experience.

We do the cooking, you do the eating. We leave you to enjoy your time with loved ones, friends, or simply your own inner world. Because every moment you spend at Naga Putrika is a source of healing for you.

We welcome you to Naga Putrika’s delicious breakfast. You won’t regret taking a step into this journey of flavor. We hope you enjoy our delicious dishes, prepared with love, in this special place where abundance, flavor, and naturalness come together.

Welcome! It’s so nice to see you 🙂